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Whether you want to earn just a few thousand extra each month or you're looking to work as a full time fill in doctor, FIED gives you the freedom to work as much - or little - as you want. Book work dates on the spot and even choose how much you want to be paid.

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Wouldn't it be nice to be "in the loop" about local fill in opportunities? Choose your pay scale, your area of town and days you want to work and we send you jobs that match your preferences.

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How valuable is your time?

We understand, it's priceless. Dave Burgett, O.D. created Fill in Eye Doc to put the job-finding process on autopilot. Leverage the power of FIED to customize job notifications, fill your work schedule and track your bookings.

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What our doctors have to say

Bradie hopper  Nov 14, 2014
Pleased to see a service that fills the niche for optometrists
amin yasser  Nov 14, 2014
Its great to finally see a website that centralizes and simplifies the per diem job market
Parthipan P  Nov 14, 2014
Works great, simple to use and keeps track of my fill ins
dennis gaeta  Jan 19, 2015
I regularly check with this website and I am sent emails when there are new postings. I enjoy being kept in the loop and have benefitted greatly from this service. I particularly enjoy working in different offices and picking up new practice pearls from each of them. This is such a great wey of helping optometrists to get some time off while ensuring that their patients are continuing to get the excellent care they expect.
Candria Krywko  Mar 1, 2015
Love having this website to refer to when I need a fill-in doc or looking to pic up additional shifts. SOOOO convenient!
Jerry Burger  Sep 14, 2015
Very effective and helpful

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